Best Candid Wedding Photography Kerala | Calypso Wedding Photography

Best Candid Wedding Photography Kerala

Calypso Wedding Photography captures vibrant, unique and expressive wedding photos on your wedding day. Whether or not it’s the exotic pre-wedding couple shoot, or a happening from wedding days, our documentary style candid photography will definitely leave an impression.


Our wedding videos are a visual delight. It transports you back to the time of the celebrations and brings back all those emotions vividly. Our team of expert photographers & designers who work artistically to offer flawless Photography &videography services to our clients. We use the most effective in class up-to-date the latest photography equipment.


We are one amongst the leading candid wedding photography & videography company based in Kochi, Kerala, Our Candid photographer & Videographer is here to capture your Wedding in most candid & style.

Posing Tricks For Couple Photography | Calypso Wedding Photography


Posing is one of the beginnings of great photography. The 6 Tricks completely Defined in the Calypso Wedding Photography Offical website the link is given below and refer:

Posing Tricks For Couple Photography | Calypso Wedding Photography

posing tricks for couple photography

Posing is also the thing that photographers have the least control over. We can choose our set up, lenses, and lighting, But when it comes to photography poses, we need to attention and work closely with our subjects to find the best way to capture and perfect pose the most claryfying image.

The Beginnings of perfect posing will breaked by Fashions , and Portrait photographer giving you the basic rules you should follow to make your subjects and your photos look their best. Through live photo shoots and slides, Calypso Photography the do’s and don’ts for every category of subject, including couples, brides, grooms, groups, men, women and older people, and more.

The six posing tricks deined in the calypso photography site and define shoter below:

 walking snap

  • Most Couple will be awkward. Tell them not to worry about things like awkward couple shoot poses and angles, because you are there to notice those things and direct them.
  • Make them Comfortable. Making People Comfortable When You Photograph Them

  • Evoke and Intimacy show emotion through hand , eye and more.

  • Posing a walking Snap. Beautiful young couple on a walk, holding hands. It is colorful one.
  • Do Joke and take Fun Snap Take a Dramatic shot.
  • Uexpected or candid Snap. Some of the bestcouple photoshoot might be the ones that they did not even realize they were posing for.

Wedding Photography Kochi, Kerala | Calypso Wedding Photography

Best Wedding Photography Kerala

Your wedding day could be a special and major milestone in your life.  Combining traditional, photojournalistic and cinematographic designs, Calypso wedding photography Kerala can make sure that your wedding photos and videos are one thing that you can treasure and with pride share with your loved photography

Calypso wedding photography employs the world’s best creative minds in Kerala to elevate your photography and video to the next level. We know how much your wedding photography can mean to you within the years to come. That is why we bring you our trusty best wedding photographers in Kerala. So you can choose Calypso Wedding Photographer with confidence.
photography kerala
Our proficient team of photographers and videographers can produce a visual story of your day. With our extensive wedding portfolio, our team has captured weddings of varied cultures and religions. You and your other half will celebrate your big day, trusting that you just can have a long-lasting memory of the details; the vows, the party, and also the happiness forever. Our packages are customized to cater to your desires.
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