Top Candid Wedding Photographer in Kochi | Calypso Wedding Photography

Top Candid Wedding Photographer in Kochi.

Top Candid Wedding Photographer. 

Calypso Wedding Studio is the leading Top Candid photographer in Kochi. We strongly believe that every wedding is a fusion of multiple emotions. Also, Calypso Wedding Photography has a team of highly and best-experienced wedding photographers and videographers. Because our target is to create a visual diary that is the completion of love, emotions laughter.

A Candid wedding photographer can change the normal uninteresting ceremonies into lively moments. Top Candid wedding photography is an elegant art in which the simplest and minutest of details are covered in photographs. The focal point of candid wedding photographer is that the wedding photographs are taken without disturbing the couple or the wedding occasion in progress.


Make Your Wedding Memories Outstanding.

The photos taken during the wedding occasions have to speak to you, need to inspire happiness and touch your heart. As we think of the wedding ceremony we will grab into mind about colors, vibrancy, people, emotions, happiness, joy, laughter, etc. To bring up all these together in images that tell a story gives you the nature of the wedding. In order to bring these to a single frame, we need a candid wedding photographer. Don’t be distracted about a wedding photographer, Because we have Calypso Studio, the top and best candid wedding photographer Kochi.

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Top Wedding Photography Kochi Calypso Wedding

Top Wedding Photography Kochi

Calypso Wedding photography captures the real memories, emotions. The reality of the wedding and creates images that stand for a long time. 

As Top photography,  we are glad to be among the ones who prescribe a category and offers everything that makes your wedding memories eternal. Our style of wedding photography guarantees memories from the wedding function that lasts for a long time. And endure even for the generations to come. 

We try our best to have passionate and full of emotions in our images. Our extraordinary work creates wedding tales using videos and photos in a special way to make a story that stays in the family forever and creates us major wedding photography in Kerala. Our whole team members love our job as a photographer. Welcome to our website and look forward to being a part of your big day!


Calypso Wedding photography Services;

  • Digital Album: Wedding album from our team Calypso conserves the memories of your wedding. With good looking fabric, leather and glass covers.
  • Design: We grant custom wedding album designs services, wedding photo books, wedding albums, and flush-mount wedding albums.
  • Videography: Award leading Cinematic Wedding videography team that captures and tells a story from your wedding day.
  • Photography: We import the best of Portrait photography world to you, where quality, creativity and passion joy breathes every moment.  

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Leading Candid Wedding Photography in Kochi | Calypso Studio

A wedding is one of the most unforgettable events in everyone’s life. This is the time that we tie the knot with our special one, exchange vows before God that we will stay together no matter what stops you we encounter throughout the marriage. Your wedding day is probably one of the most memorable days of your life. Surely you want the best of everything right, be it the wedding outfits, venue, decor, food or the wedding photographer

Leading wedding photography in kochi

A candid photograph is a photograph clicked without making a posed appearance. Nowadays candid photography also plays a major role in wedding ceremonies. Photography is highly important and candid photography is one of the best techniques to capture real emotions. It is about taking pictures of people who are unaware of the fact that they are being clicked.

Calypso Studio is the Leading Candid Wedding Photography in Kochi. We will capture your wedding photos in candid style & maintain the quality of photographs. Contact us:  0484-4049958

Best Kerala Wedding Photography | Calypso Wedding Studio

To capture your fairytale wedding you need the help of professionally qualified and experienced photographers. Because wedding photography is not any kind of simple photography. The cherished moments on your wedding day must be captured clearly.

calypso studio

When you look into the wedding photographs it must bring wedding feelings and joy. The wedding photographs are always special because it holds the sweet memories of your wedding day. So don’t hire unprofessional wedding photographers.

best kerala wedding photography

The professional photographers always add the best trends in wedding photography. If you are looking for expert hands in wedding photography hire Calypso Wedding Photography – the Best Wedding Photography Kochi. Visit our website to know more details.

Save the Date Photoshoot Kerala | Calypso Wedding Studio

Photography keeps our memories fresh. Here are some good save the date Photoshoot & Prewedding Photoshoot images click by the Calypso Wedding Studio.

A professional Wedding Photographer Captures every moment and emotions from the bride & groom.

We are one of the leading wedding photography & cinematography company based in Kochi, Kerala (India), Our team of professional candid photographer & cinematographer is here to capture your save the date, Pre-wedding, wedding day & post-wedding photoshoot in most candid & artistic style.

Best Wedding Videography in Kerala | Calypso Wedding Studio

You must agree that the wedding day is one of the most important and happiest days of your entire life, right? You might feel more excited when you are going to arrange a marriage party in an exotic location. Well, investing in Best wedding videography in Kerala is a wonderful way to make your destination wedding a memorable and evergreen one. If you invest in this videography, you can expect something new and enthralling.

Contact Calypso Wedding Studio with no more thinking, if you are interested in shooting wonderful wedding videos.

Famous Wedding Photographers in Kerala | Calypso Wedding Studio

pre-wedding shoot

Professionally qualified and experienced photographers are always good at taking beautiful photos. They know how to take photos perfectly. They will be alerted at all times to capture the best moments of you.

famous wedding photographers in kerala
candid photography

Black and white photography, candid photography, drones photography, underwater photography, etc are some wedding photography trends. All these are unique and everyone loves it. The use of beautiful props for wedding photography is also another popular trend now. The props like the umbrella, lanterns, smoke bombs, mirrors are some of the popular props in the long list.

wedding photography

Calypso wedding photography is a famous photographer in Kerala. Our team is aware of all the new trends and techniques. We meet our clients to have a face to face talk to know their likes and dislikes. If you are looking for the famous wedding photographers in Kerala, hire Calypso Wedding Photography. Visit our official website for more info.

Candid Wedding Photography | Calypso Wedding Studio

The best way to capture each emotion is through candid wedding photography. Yes, candid wedding photography is indeed a new concept, and couples love it. With the help of candid photography, the photographer captures the most beautiful honest emotions during the wedding.

candid wedding photography

Generally, in Indian weddings, candid photography is a mixed bag of an old and new school, since the traditional rituals are being covered by the photographer in a mesmerizing way. The photographer plays a significant role in candid shots since he has to do a lot of hard work capturing people’s pic when they are not aware. In fact, these days the cost associated with candid wedding photography is on higher-end as compared to the traditional one.

calypso wedding studio

Calypso Wedding Studio offers the best candid wedding photography and videography in memorable events. Also, we offer the wedding film is recording the process of easy to beautiful way to share videos with their friends. Many years of experience in nature with set up of background and collect footage yet cinematic way possible to very crucial.

Top Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Kochi | Calypso Studio

We, in Calypso Wedding Studio, are here to freeze the most intricately beautiful moments of your life and give it in memorable frames and pictures. Life is a one-time affair and moments once over, can only be memories in the heart, Calypso Wedding Studio is top professional candid wedding photographers in Kochi. Photographs and video captures are the only return to the days and times otherwise lost in the sands of time.

Top Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Kochi

Calypso Wedding has recognized as one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kochi. We are here to give you the Professional candid wedding photography Service in Kochi. Marriage is a beautiful junction of hearts, worth reminiscing over and over again a million times. Make it picture perfect with our expert team of professionals who work closely with you to turn your magical moments into stunningly beautiful portraits.

All the festivals, emotions, ceremonies and happiness get caught in our killer frames which are sure to take you by surprise. Leave the chore to us and enjoy your big day as we record even the littlest of moments. We have a passionate set of artists who bring the entire day into a beautiful sequence for you and your loved one.

Wedding Photography In Kochi | Calypso Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography In Kochi

A professional wedding photographer captures the priceless moments on your wedding day. These moments will stay in your mind forever. When you look at your wedding album you feel that moments around you. Maybe you don’t remember some moments. When you look at the wedding album you will be surprised by it. The professionally qualified wedding photographer always surprise the couple through the wedding photography and videography.

wedding photography kochi

Calypso Wedding Photography is the leading wedding photography in Kochi, and always looking forward to gaining the satisfaction of the customers. We listen to our customers and take photographs according to their wish and style.  The creative minds in our team provide a different theme for every couple.

The wedding ceremonies in India are really colourful and awesome. Each religion has its own style and tradition. Our photographers capture all these amazing moments. The couple photoshoot, family shoot, pre-wedding, post-wedding and all other ceremonies will be captured by our wedding photographers. Hire us now to capture your big day. Visit our website for more info.

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